About us

In the 90s of the 20th century, domestic pumping equipment was morally and physically obsolete. In 2007, our team joined this issue as a part of the Petrozavodskmash plant. PGMK company was established in 2008. From that moment, a new stage began in the development in this area. PGMK company entered the existing market with its own products: spare parts pump 2GrT 8000/71.

Along with the production of serial products, the company began to work on import substitution:

- production of pumps - analogues of Warman and Metso Minerals
- development of a new domestic high-performance pump MSH PGMK

The company in 2010 began to produce its own pumps type MSH PGMK 13000/85. This pump surpasses the analogues of domestic pumps and is not inferior to the prototypes of western samples in the main characteristics: performance, pressure and running time of the flow part.

Another important area for PGMK company is repairments, restoration and service work for many mining and processing enterprises of the North-West of the Russian Federation and Finland.
PGMK company carries out repair and restoration work of hydroelectric units of the North-West HPS for the needs of TGK-1.
PGMK company together with the Petrozavodskmash Foundry LLC has been manufacturing large-capacity (over 35 tons) molds (centrifugal casting molds) for KZPV CJSC, the largest exporter of rolls in Russia, for three years.
Production capacity
Since 2007, production facilities of PGMK LLC have been located on the territory of the site of the branch of AEM Technologies OJSC, are equipped with the necessary machine park, which allows performing a wide range of machining operations, as well as by qualified workers and engineering personnel. The machine park, which is at the disposal of PGMK LLC, allows you to carry out a full production cycle of both the components of the flowing part of the soil pumps and its complete sets.

The machine park of PGMK LLC consists of the following machines:

• Horizontal boring machine 2A620-1
• Horizontal press P67-36
• Vertical press P63-30
• Machine turning and rotary 1L532
• Machine turning and rotary 1525
• Machine turning and rotary 1550
• Shot blasting plant
• Professional welding equipment
• Radial Drilling Machine 2A554
• Turning and rotary SCHIESS 40DS / 160 + 90 machine with ChPU
• Turning and rotary DORRIES VCE220 with ChPU
• Machine turning and rotary WMW 7-October