The LLC PGMK company makes maintenance and repair of career equipment, welding, milling, turning and other works

Repair and restoration works

We offer our services in repairing units (gearboxes, working equipment, frames, beds, eccentric shafts, support blocks, cones, etc.) of excavator, crushing and grinding, technological equipment for quarries, both domestic and imported. Please send your applications to the commercial service of our company.

Boring and Milling
Milling works are carried out using universal milling machines, which allow for vertical and horizontal milling. In addition, they can be used to mill at different angles with different tools, using dividing heads and rotary tables. We consider both serial and single orders.
Turning and rotary processing
We carry out the following types of turning and turning-rotary works:

Shaft manufacturing
Production of large-capacity molds for centrifugal casting
Repair of turbine shafts of hydroelectric power plants

We work on the best equipment:

Metal processing on automatic lathes
Turning at turning and rotary centers
Metal processing at CNC turning centers
Work on automatic turret machines
Repair of special equipment
The LLC PGMK company makes service and repair of career equipment (bulldozers, excavators, etc.). High qualification of personnel, the availability of mobile equipment and technical documentation of manufacturers allows us to carry out repair work of any complexity without transporting equipment, i.e. right at the place of its operation. In those cases when complex mechanical processing of parts is necessary, repairs are carried out by the aggregate-knot method, in which individual components and assemblies are dismantled and they are transported for repair to our production base in Petrozavodsk. We also have the opportunity to supply spare parts for excavators of the ECG series, manufactured by Uralmash OJSC and Izhora Plants OJSC. A program for the manufacture of individual spare parts under the import substitution program is currently being developed.
Spare Parts Manufacturing
The company "PGMK" offers the manufacture of spare parts for excavators of the ECG series, as well as
spare parts for buckets.

Fixing and connecting products.

The company also produces spare parts for domestic crushing and grinding equipment
(KMD / KSD 1750, 2200, KMD 118, etc.). Specify the full list in commercial service.

Spare parts for imported crushing and grinding equipment (Metso, Sandvic).

An opportunity to make spare parts according to the customer’s model.
Production of drawings
We make drawings according to samples or finished parts of the customer for further production.

For reverse engineering we use:

Manual and tool dimensioning: used for bulky heavy parts,
simple geometric shapes

Coordinate sizing with data entry in the CNC center

Hardness testers

Chemical analysis of material

Reconstruction of the drawings may be required in case of wear of the part and the need for its re-manufacturing (replication), or in case of improvement of the product and completion of its individual parts.