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Steel and iron castings

Production capabilities
Melting furnaces

Iron department: ASEA LFD-25 furnace block of 4 crucibles with a capacity of 25 t each and an INDUCTOTHERM medium-frequency furnace block of 2 crucibles with a capacity of 25 t each. At the same time, the metal can be melted in 3 LFD-25 crucibles and 2 INDUCTOTHERM crucibles. Two blocks of furnaces LFD-8 from ASEA
3 crucibles with a capacity of 8 tons each. At the same time, the metal can be melted in 4 crucibles. Steel department: Two induction furnace blocks of 2 crucibles with a capacity of 1 ton. At the same time, the metal can be melted in 2 crucibles.

Types of alloys

Cast iron with lamellar graphite grades СЧ15 - СЧ35 in accordance with GOST 1412-85. Cast iron with spherical graphite grades VCh35 - VCh60 in accordance with GOST 7293-85. Austenitic nodular cast iron according to DIN 1694. High alloyed, wear-resistant and heat-resistant cast irons, special cast iron for metallurgical molds, non-magnetic cast iron. Carbon, corrosion resistant, heat resistant and wear resistant steels.

Types and mass of castings.

Cast iron castings:

Conveyor castings weighing up to 150 kg. Possible production volume - 17000 of tons per year. Shaped small-batch and single castings weighing up to 20000 kg. The possible volume of production is 10000 of tons per year, including: castings of casings, beds, etc. for paper machines; castings for gas and steam turbines; castings for the electrical industry; die tool castings for the automotive industry; castings of bandages, armor for grinding equipment of the mining industry; other large castings for various equipment.

Steel castings:

Shaped castings weighing up to 500 kg. Possible production volume - 1000  of tons per year.

Model production

In the model department, models are made of wood and polystyrene foam, as well as metal model equipment. The model department is equipped with an Italian 5-axis CNC milling processing center, which allows high-precision machining of complex models of wood and plastic with dimensions up to 2.5 x 4.5 m.